help with asm code?

Chris Friesen cfriesen at
Thu Apr 22 00:00:34 EST 2004

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

>>	lis	r5,hrt_ak_offsets at ha
>>	addi	r5,r5,hrt_ak_offsets at l
>>	lbzx	r6,r6,r5
>>	add	r10,r4,r6
>>I'm having a small problem, in that when I run this code it hangs my
>>kernel.  Any ideas what's wrong?  The values in r6 and r5 seem to match
>>what I expect, but when I do the lbzx it dies.
> I don't know for sure, maybe you MMU context is wrong at the time ?

The code is being called from fast_exception_return, syscall_exit_cont,
and restore_user.

> How do you know it dies there and not elsewhere ?

If I remove the lbzx/add lines, everything works fine.  With the lbzx
line it dies, even if r10 is overwritten right away.


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