2.6.5/iBook G3: Oops on resume from sleep

Kiko Piris linuxppc at pirispons.net
Thu Apr 8 01:18:53 EST 2004

On 06/04/2004 at 23:18, Martin Habets wrote:

> Well, I'm out of clues then. Must be something else affecting

No worries. As BenH pointed, I filed a bug at alsa-project bugtracking
page (no response yet).

> Probably not relevant, but does the input source in alsa mixer work
> okay for you?

What do you mean? If I can record sound with the mic? Yes I can.

In fact I had never used the mic that comes with the iBook before, I
just apt-get installed audacity and recorded something. OK, no problem.

The funny thing is that with alsa, playback is horrible (too low and
*very* poor quality). I just have both dmasound_pmac and alsa compiled
as modules[*] and I load those modules when I want to listen to some
audio file (sound is not a crucial issue for me).

[*] My system is set up so that oss's dmasound_pmac tries to get loaded
on boot. Then I've "hacked" a bit the modprobe.d configuration file for
alsa modules as you can see in [1]. When I want to disable alsa I just
put that #alsa.off# comment and, with that configuration, I can use oss
and disable alsa on-the-fly.

It's quite handy when, like now, alsa causes system hangs on waking up
from sleep; just disable it and be happy (as I said before, sound is not
a vital issue for me on my laptop).

[1] http://www.pirispons.net/bulma/llista/iBook/modprobe.d/kiko

Kind regards.


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