Altivec Vector code bug

John Whitney jwhitney-linuxppc at
Wed Apr 7 06:19:44 EST 2004

The attached patch corrects the following problem with the Altivec

When running Linux 2.6.5-rc2 (Altivec NOT configured in) on a 7410-base
platform, and running a program that attempts to use a vector register,
the kernel will lock up.  This is due to vectoring to 0xf20, which is
in the middle of the exception prolog as the exception handler is now

To correct this, I reverted to the method used by the 2.4.25 kernel

	. = 0xf00
	b Trap_0f

	. = 0xf20
	b AltiVecUnavailable
	<exception handling code>

This causes the kernel to not lock up, regardless of the altivec


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