4way smp on ppc32

ERIC NORTHUP eric.northup at jhu.edu
Tue Apr 6 13:37:53 EST 2004

> I've not had any of those problems with my machine, it runs very
> solid
> and I've in fact compiled a _lot_ of code on it, including hundreds
> (maybe thousands) of kernel builds for ppckernel.org .. it was the
> main
> build machine for over a year.  It also did a lot of rebuilding for
> testing of various packages when I was doing Gentoo PPC work.
> What distro are you using?  What versions of GCC, etc?

I'm mostly cross-compiling the kernels with gcc 3.3.2.  The userland is an old Debian, but I'll upgrade that as soon as I get a kernel booting.

Do you have recommendations of gcc/kernel combos that should work?  I'm also starting to wonder if my h/w is bad (it did come from eBay. . .)


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