4way smp on ppc32

Mark Guertin mguertin at macdiscussion.com
Tue Apr 6 07:39:30 EST 2004

I've not had any of those problems with my machine, it runs very solid
and I've in fact compiled a _lot_ of code on it, including hundreds
(maybe thousands) of kernel builds for ppckernel.org .. it was the main
build machine for over a year.  It also did a lot of rebuilding for
testing of various packages when I was doing Gentoo PPC work.

What distro are you using?  What versions of GCC, etc?


On 3-Apr-04, at 7:59 PM, ERIC NORTHUP wrote:

> On Wednesday, March 31, 2004 12:56 pm, Mark Guertin wrote:
>> I'll try and find some time to test this stuff on my daystar quad
>> as
>> well.  I know that right up to latest 2.4.x all 4 of my CPU's are
>> still
>> working fine.
> OK, I have just gotten a 2.4 smp kernel booted, and it does find all 4
> cpus.  However, the machine is far from stable.  GCC dies on a fatal
> signal or reports an "internal compiler error", but when re-inovked on
> the same file it works.  Other times, it takes the ssh connection down
> with it.  I was trying to build LTP or some other code to narrow down
> the problem areas, but gcc is too flaky for this to work.

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