Problems with dma_alloc_coherent()

Adrian Cox adrian at
Mon Apr 5 19:05:37 EST 2004

On Sat, 2004-04-03 at 13:43, John Whitney wrote:

> One of the nice things about having the DMA-core, however, was that it
> accepted virtual addresses and handled cache consistency.  If the
> driver is accepting physical addresses only, it can't do that.  This
> means the client would have to allocate space using the DMA/PCI to get
> the same coherency, which means all addresses will be
> PCI-address-space.  Should the individual drivers accept this and just
> subtract off PCI_DRAM_OFFSET (or equivalent) to get back to a physical
> address?  This is what would make life hell for a cross-platform DMA
> controller.

What I would like is a general API for a block move between memory and a
dumb PCI peripheral. Something like mempcy_toio() but with the
expectation of it sleeping.

Your local bus peripheral might benefit from a standard API, but I'm
still not convinced that there will be many cross-platform DMA
controllers. All the ones I've seen are tightly coupled to the
northbridge or system-on-a-chip internal bus. I'd still prefer a shared
interface rather than implementation, and I'd suggest taking an
interface proposal to the linux-arm-kernel and linuxppc-embedded lists.

- Adrian Cox

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