[OT?] Unimplemented instructions on a G5?

David Edelsohn dje at watson.ibm.com
Sat Apr 3 01:49:35 EST 2004

>> The offending instruction is the seemingly harmless:
>> mcrxr crX
>> (Move to condition register from XER).
>> Does anyone have any idea if IBM left this instruction
>> unimplemented. Searching the docs I've found nothing.

>>>>> Segher Boessenkool writes:
Segher> Well, the newest PowerPC architecture docs say that it is
Segher> an optional insn, i.e., not all cpus might implement it.

Segher> I can't say whether the 970 implements it or not.

	mcrxr is obsolete and not implemented in PPC970.  Executing the
instruction will result in an illegal instruction trap.


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