mpc5xxx support (Was: Re: Proposed Kconfig update patch for help text)

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Fri Apr 2 03:18:22 EST 2004

In message <406C4A26.3040107 at> you wrote:
> > In all seriousness, when the 52xx code for 2.4 was brought up, there
> > were a number of objections to the Motorola provided code,
> Does anyone actually use this code?  From the work I've done it appears


> the FEC implements it's own DMA, other peripherals are used in programmed I/O

Indeed, the FEC implementation should be cleaned up.

> mode, and stuff I have done I've found it easier to just write my own
> code manage the DMA.  IMHO we should just punt this stuff for Linux,
> now that there is more public interest start collaborating on a better
> solution, and maybe just use what Mot provided as documentation filler.

I cannot speak for Motorola, but I understand they would welcome  any
input for improvement. Instead of working separately and against each
other we should co-operate.

> The Motorola solution seems like an attempt to be everything for everyone.

Indeed. They have to support more than just Linux.

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