radeonfb: PLL? problems with radeon 7000 in embedded PPC

Matevz Langus matevy at arhitektova-delavnica.com
Thu Apr 1 08:10:04 EST 2004

Hi everybody,

I am new in graphics in PPC and would like to ask if somebody can help

I have a PPC (e500) embedded system with PCI bus and ATI Radeon 7000
with 64 MB DDR. PCI detects the card and opens all memory spaces as it

However I have 2 problems:
- radeonfb driver detects SDRAM instead of DDR and also size is not
correct 192xxx kB instead of 64 MB.
- in function radeon_write_pll_regs system hangs in

	       (mode->ppll_ref_div & PPLL_REF_DIV_MASK)) {
		OUTPLLP(PPLL_REF_DIV, mode->ppll_ref_div, 		~PPLL_REF_DIV_MASK);

It loops in this while for ever.
Is the reason for this problem in PLL not locking?

I have seen that settings for PLL can be obtained from OF or BIOS. I
don't have anything like this in my embedded system.
How can I calculate appropriate values for PLL? Default ones are
obviously not correct.

Has anybody managed to use this card in embedded system without BIOS or

  Matevz Langus

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