cross-compiling problems (linux to ppc)

Mark Guertin mguertin at
Thu Apr 1 04:01:44 EST 2004

On 31-Mar-04, at 11:55 AM, Hollis Blanchard wrote:
> There's a patch you can apply listed on the page (read carefully). It
> will only work if you only want to build kernels (i.e. no glibc, no
> userspace).
> The other alternative is to install *target* kernel headers (not
> /usr/include) and build against those. This is just silly if you don't
> want glibc, but the toolchain people are apparently too busy to care.

That's exactly what I had to do to get my cross-compiler setup working
(but I didn't think that much of it as I also used glibc, etc).


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