combine PPC "general setup" and "platform setup"?

Hollis Blanchard hollis at
Tue Sep 16 13:18:03 EST 2003

On Monday, Sep 15, 2003, at 10:14 US/Central, Tom Rini wrote:

> On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 05:32:46PM -0500, Hollis Blanchard wrote:
>> In 2.5's menuconfig there are now two "general setup" sections; one is
>> generic and one is ours. We also have a "platform setup" section. It
>> seems like all our "general setup" questions could be folded into
>> "platform setup", e.g. "Workarounds for PPC601 bugs" and "Support for
>> Open Firmware device tree in /proc". Can we get rid of our "general
>> setup"?
> I suspect it's an artifact of before we had init/Kconfig.  In theory,
> we
> certainly should.  But if we kill it outright, our 'platform setup'
> gets
> quite large.  How about a bus options menu, like i386 has to break this
> up a bit (and some movement of options with that) ?

This is what I came up with. I tried to split our config options into 3
sections: "processor", "platform options", and "bus options". Maybe
that's not necessary, but... easy to combine them by removing 4 lines.
:) The diff itself is large; it may be better to look at the end result
instead. I didn't actually change any dependencies here, just moved
them around.

I noticed some obsolete config options (e.g. CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE,
CONFIG_PC_KEYBOARD). Also, it's possible to create incorrect
configurations such as CONFIG_POWER3 and CONFIG_SPRUCE. Also, APUS
really deserves its own config file, and the "IBM 4xx options" menu
should be hidden if !CONFIG_4xx. A lot of configure help is also
missing, especially on embedded options. I figure these can be later


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