Need a Linux PPC kernel which supports the Radeon Mobility 9600

Jens Schmalzing jens.schmalzing at
Sun Oct 12 07:44:22 EST 2003


Benjamin Herrenschmidt writes:

> I just fixed that in my 2.6 and I'll backport to 2.4 soon

I compiled the latest version of that tree in order to get radeonfb
working on my 17" Powerbook.  A few questions:

1. The resulting kernel is more than 30MB in size.  Is this normal?

2. The accelerated framebuffer has the right size, but flickers a lot.
   offb works fine.

3. XFree86 from Debian/unstable doesn't work whatever I do, I presume
   something along the lines of 4.3.99 would be the appropriate
   version?  If yes, from which source?

Regards, Jens.

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