MPC5xxx updates

Tom Rini trini at
Wed Nov 26 10:51:50 EST 2003

I've done a number of small changes since the last commit, and thus
rebuilt the repo.  Please rm any copies you have and start over like I
described in the first e-mail about this repo.
- Mark mpc5xxx_set_bat as __init
- Remove 'port by' printks (Paul doesn't like agree with the.  Wolfgang,
  I've added DENX to the top of platforms/icecube.c, is this OK?).
- Style things (don't #if out includes or externs, C99 struct
- Correct some dependencies in the code (IDE_MPC5xxx already depends on
  IDE being set).
- Audit MTD map file for MB/KB (change to MiB/KiB per the preference of
  upstream MTD).

>From Wolfgang:
- Add GPL boilerplate to a number of files.

>From Dale:
- Remove Bestcomm files we don't care about.

Now based on the comments from Paul, Christoph and Ben, I think what we
should do is try and clean up the code as best as possible to have a
good patch for people that need the code to start from.  Is this

Tom Rini

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