setting altivec in .config?

Stefan Jeglinski jeglin at
Sun Nov 23 13:51:15 EST 2003

I wrote:

>I've noticed in the last couple benh kernels that I cannot set
>altivec to yes or no in the config using xconfig or menuconfig, and
>that there is no mention of it in the .config file. Also when exiting
>xconfig, an error is thrown trying to write CONFIG_ALTIVEC. It's all
>consistent, but what's going on - should it be this way or am I
>missing the obvious? I can compile, but when I'm building mol it
>detects the kernel as noav, which feeds my suspicions.
>I'm currently on 2.4.23-pre5-ben0, old world, with a G4/800 Sonnet
>upgrade card.

Several things:

a) is not a good mirror.

b) clearing out the build directory and resyncing from
	yields up-to-date source code.

c) I didn't realize that xconfig was broken.

With fresh new source and with menuconfig, CONFIG_ALTIVEC can be set properly.

Stefan Jeglinski

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