MPC5200 Patches

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Fri Nov 21 12:04:27 EST 2003

Wolfgang Denk writes:

> I agree that there is better and more efficient code than the current
> bescomm API. On the other hand, we have  already  seen  what  happens
> when  you  do not use the official API and try to implement your own,
> more efficient access routines. It's a maintenance nightmare.

I just took a look at the patch, and it is really horrible.  I can't
send stuff like that to Linus.  It is bloated, verbose, repetitive and
badly formatted.  It really doesn't inspire confidence to see comments
like "Generated by GUI" or to see 16 variations of a large structure
with just slightly different fields at the end.

I also don't like having a config option to select whether to use one
internal kernel API or another.  How am I supposed to know which one
to select?

Also, Ben tells me that the IDE driver doesn't even work, and the
interrupt controller code has major bugs.


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