insmod ipv6 freezes current linuxppc-2.5 and 2.5-benh

Harald Welte laforge at
Fri Nov 21 07:12:49 EST 2003


I was trying to get a recent linuxppc-2.5 (or benh) kernel running on my
G4 Titanium Powerbook IV, and it wouldn't even finish to boot.

After some debugging, I found it was always crashing when sshd started.
That in turn was, because the kernel tried to autoload the ipv6.ko
module for sshd to listen at ::.

booting into single user mode and manually issuing 'insmod ipv6' shows
exactly the same behaviour:  A full freeze, no more cursor at the
console, but still responds to pings from the network.

Firing up xmon seems to reveal it is looping somewhere:

pc is always between (count_relocs+0x34) and (count_relocs+0x40),
(t get_plt_size+0x60)
(T module_frob_arch_sections+0xdc)
(t load_module+0x474)
(t sys_init_module+0x78)
(T ret_from_syscall+0x0)

btw: The system is running a current debian 'testing'.

Is this a known issue? Any ideas?

- Harald Welte <laforge at>     
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