ppc32 lockups with 2.6

Christian Kujau evil at g-house.de
Tue Nov 18 23:33:48 EST 2003


2.6.0-test9 with kgdb compiled fine then, but i did not get a serial
cable yet.

i took another approach, i wanted to see since when the lockups occur. i
was testing 2.5 kernels on i386 and alpha, but i've started to test 2.6
on ppc pretty late. so, what i see is, that i can boot to 2.6.0-test4
(former kernel version down to 2.5.72 did not even compile cleanly).
i can set up eth0 and i can watch "ifconfig eth0" then. "ping" (eth0) is working, but routing seems broken. (i have to
show the details later on).

"ping" fails and print a lot to the syslog as you can see
in line 581 in:


during bootup i had to use SYSREQ-E to quit a process, that wanted to
use the ethernet-device (snort?)
(SYSREQ-K should have been enough perhaps).

here's the config for this 2.6.0-test4 kernel

i will go on with 2.6.0-tes5 now....

Thank you,
BOFH excuse #229:

wrong polarity of neutron flow

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