Oops in current linux-2.5-benh

Wilmer van der Gaast lintux at lintux.cx
Fri Nov 14 22:17:35 EST 2003

Benjamin Herrenschmidt (benh at kernel.crashing.org) wrote:
> Does it happen if you built i2c in the kernel instead of as a module ?

It already was in the kernel (except for keywest), but somehow it
managed to load the i2c-core module anyway.

This was possible because linux-2.6.0-test9 (also on my machine) had its
modules in /lib/modules/2.6.0-test9 as well. I added -benh to the
EXTRAVERSION in linuxppc and recompiled/-installed the whole
kernel+modules. Isn't it better to keep that in EXTRAVERSION on the
bk/rsync source as well?

Anyway, it certainly looks a lot better now!!! aumix works (didn't work
in -test9), and even sleeping works! (I'd never seen that working in
Linux before)

This is fantastic. Okay, thanks. Keep up the good work, 2.6-benh works
better for me than 2.4-benh already.

By the way, not really on-topic, but I'm probably not the first to see
this problem: The UTF8 stuff in 2.6 breaks linedrawing chars and makes
almost every curses application ugly and unusable. What to do about

Wilmer van der Gaast.

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