MPC5200 Patches

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Wed Nov 12 20:49:09 EST 2003

In message <Pine.GSO.4.21.0311121029220.885-100000 at> you wrote:
> >   We have drivers/i2c/i2c-algo-8xx.c, so maybe we should have
> >   i2c-algo-5xxx.c instead of i2c-algo-m5xxx.c ?
> >
> >   There is include/linux/i2c-algo-8xx.h - how about i2c-algo-5xxx.h
> >   instead of i2c-algo-m5xxx.h ?
> What's done in include/asm-ppc/ isn't that important for the outside (non-PPC)
> world, but i2c-algo-5xxx.c may be a too generic name...

Which name do you recommend to cover the MGT5100 and MPC5200 (and
probably other MPC5xxx) processors?

[There is already i2c-algo-8xx.[ch]...]

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