pmac_halt() bug

Igal Baevsky igal.baevsky at
Tue Nov 11 03:33:09 EST 2003

Tim Seufert wrote:
> In platforms/pmac_setup.c, pmac_halt() is defined as follows:
> pmac_halt(void)
> {
>     pmac_power_off();
> }
> Arguably, this is a bug because there should be a distinction between
> halt and poweroff.  I've seen posts on user mailing lists from at least
> two different people who want to halt without actually powering off,
> but cannot do so because of this bug.  (I think the reasons have
> something to do with attempting to get their machines to turn back on
> automatically when power is restored after a UPS-initiated shutdown.)

Is there any way to halt PMAC machine with no powering it off ?
I will realy appretiate your answer - the problem you mentioned above is
the exact problem I'm dealing with .

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