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Trevor Woerner ppc339 at
Fri May 30 21:09:59 EST 2003

On May 29, 2003 11:06 am, you wrote:
> On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 11:19:27PM -0400, Trevor Woerner wrote:
> > contains are zeros.
> presumably, you tried two different cards & controllers, to rule out
> a hardware failure?

Thanks for your help and suggestions!

I discovered the problem with writing yesterday, a byte-swapping issue
was causing the LBA address to be inserted into the registers
incorrectly. So it was writing, just not to the sector Linux was
calculating. I'm handling registers 6 and 7 as special cases so the ATA
command was always correct, but not the LBA address!

As you suggested, a hardware issue was at the heart of the "lost
interrupt" problem I was getting. A CF card manufactured by Canon
worked perfectly with no interrupt problem, SanDisk CF cards (as well
as Kingston) don't appear to generate interrupts between the transfer
of each sector in a multi-sector read or write. I think there's a
setting (ATA command) I can look into, and I think there's something in
the 'ide_drive_t' structure to play with (two members starting with
"mult_"). I could also modify the code to create N single sector
read/writes from single read/writes of N sectors.

So everything appears to be working fine, thanks for everyone's help!!


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