Linux booting on FADS823 board

Rupesh S rupeshs at
Fri May 23 11:01:56 EST 2003

Hi groups,

I have a problem booting Linux with u-boot.
Here are my configurations

Processor -> MPC823
Board     -> FADS823
Available RAM -> 0x000 to 0x 800000

Linux kernel Linked at -> 0x40000
mkimage on kernel done with Load address -> 0x40000
mkimage on kernel done with Entry point -> 0x4000c
mkimage on RAMDISK done with Load Address -> 0x100000
mkimage on RAMDISK done with Entry point -> 0x100000

>From u-boot command prompt, I do the following

> tftpboot 40000 linux.img
> tftpboot 100000 ramdisk.img
> bootm 40000 100000

It says successful loading kernel , as well as RAMDISK. But after which,
I do not get any further Linux banneers. In fact, the Linux kernel 's
printfs aren't seen.

I set the env variable bootargs as /dev/ram.. But in any case, only
after the kernel boots up and the VFS is initialized, the Rootfs is
going to come into picture, right ??

Any clues....


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