set_rtc_time() cleanup / normalization

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Fri May 16 04:21:24 EST 2003

In message <20030515180427.GB20958 at> Gabriel Paubert wrote:
> And to go against the existing documentation of hwclock(8) so that
> the behaviour depends on the architecture, the exact RTC chip model,
> the phase of the moon:

hwclock(8) does not correctly describe the current  situation.  There
are  already  several  boards where the documentation and the code do
not match. [Please note that I avoid writing  "the  documentation  is
wrong" - I think it is, but YMMV.]

> I personally believe that explicitly implementing something which goes
> against the existing documentation is one of the worst things that
> can happen, espcecially since (after a few years of experience with

If the documentation is wrong, or does not make sense,  it  would  be
even  worse  to  stick  with it just because it is "existing documen-

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