GT64260 IIC Driver Patch

Randy Vinson rvinson at
Thu May 1 04:08:55 EST 2003

   I've encountered a situation in the boot wrapper where the current
2_4_devel GT64260 IIC driver needed some changes. The hardware I'm using
(Force PowerPMC260) has a small SEEPROM  with only 256 bytes. The
previous driver always expected 2 bytes of offset whereas my device only
needs 1 byte. I've modified the driver to handle either type of device.
Also, the firmware on the board i"m using leaves the IIC hardware in a
funky state, so I added a reset/initilization sequence to correct for
that. I've tested this patch against the MCG HXEB100 as well as the
hardware I'm using and it works on both platforms. I also had a
duplicate definition problem when I included gt64260_tty.c to access the
GT64260's onboard serial ports so I made the gt64260_in_le32 and
gt64260_out_le32 definitions static to resolve it.

   I'd like to get this added if it's OK.

			Randy Vinson
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