2.5.66 compile fails under ppc32

Boris Bezlaj boris at gajba.net
Fri Mar 28 22:19:30 EST 2003


did anyone encounter this problem when compiling 2.5.66 under ppc32 ?

| include/linux/swapops.h: In function `pte_to_swp_entry':
| include/linux/swapops.h:54: warning: implicit declaration of function `pte_file'
| mm/fremap.c: In function `sys_remap_file_pages':
| mm/fremap.c:139: `PTE_FILE_MAX_BITS' undeclared (first use in this function)

PTE_FILE_MAX_BITS is not defined anywhere.. for ppc64 it's in:

include/asm-ppc64/pgtable.h:#define PTE_FILE_MAX_BITS   (BITS_PER_LONG - PTE_SHIFT)

but not for ppc arch.

Anyone else or is it just me?


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