GDB server and threaded application

Daniel Jacobowitz drow at
Thu Mar 27 00:41:42 EST 2003

On Tue, Mar 25, 2003 at 09:39:01PM -0800, Vladimir Gurevich wrote:
> Kalpesh Jasapara wrote:
> >I am having a problem with remote gdb debugging
> >using gdbserver to work with multi threads.
> >The command "info threads" shows only one thread.
> Here is a relevant excerpt from Wolfgang Denk's
> posting from ppc-embedded:

As usual, Wolfgang's answer is somewhat biased.  GDB 5.3's
multithreaded debug support is complete, and works very well once you
have it set up.  The only thing missing in the FSF tree is the little
"[New thread 21211]" messages, which are purely cosmetic; I never came
to an agreement about how to implement them in the current protocol.

Neither the version originally in HHL 2.0 nor gdb 5.2.1 supported it
however.  Kalpesh said he was trying gdb 5.3, which does.

I would also like to offer Wolfgang a BIG KICK IN THE HEAD.  I have
looked at the relevant path on his FTP site that you referenced below;
despite his name as the only name on the "ChangeLog entry" in the
README and the claim of "we spend some work", it is my work.  I wrote
just about every line of that patch.

As usual proper credit would be appreciated.

> >in message <20020820144703.16442.qmail at> you wrote:
> >
> >>I'm trying to debug a multi-threaded application using
> >>gdbserver on the remote/target side and I`m having
> >>some problems, the output I got is depicted below:
> >
> >I'm not surprised. This is broken in most versions of GDB / gdbserver
> >floating around.
> >
> >>I'm using gdbserver5.2.1 (I tried the one from HHL-2.0
> >>Journeyman and didn`t worked too) compiled by myself
> >>using Mvista HHL 2.0 tools and gdb 5.2.1 on my i386.
> >>Am I doing something wrong or remote thread debugging
> >>is not supported by gdb? I have read something about
> >
> >Let's say the support is incomplete :-)
> >
> >>problems with multi-thread application debugging but I
> >>thought that it may be OK at this time...
> >>Could someone explain to me what`s happening?
> >
> >Check out our ELDK  (see;  it  contains  an
> >extended  /  bug  fixed  version  of  GDB  / gdbserver; remote target
> >debugging of MT applications was one of the areas where we spend some
> >work.
> >
> >If you're just looking for the patches: these can be found on our FTP
> >server; the README including description of the test procedure is at
> >

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