2.4.20-ben8 vmlinux.coff CLAIM error on PowerMac 4400

mikpe at csd.uu.se mikpe at csd.uu.se
Fri Mar 14 10:13:13 EST 2003

Benjamin Herrenschmidt writes:
 > On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 18:08, mikpe at csd.uu.se wrote:
 > > Benjamin Herrenschmidt writes:
 > >  > what are the respective sizes of the working 2.4.6 kernel
 > >  > and my non working 2.4.20 ? Can you try to shrink the 2.4.20
 > >  > down to the 2.4.6 size (removing drivers etc...) and see if
 > >  > that helps ?
 > >
 > > I doubt it's a size problem. My 2.4.20 vmlinux.coff was about 700K,
 > > since I only included the drivers and file systems I actually use.
 > > Olaf's 2.4.6 vmlinux.coff that booted fine is 1.3M.
 > Ok, good to know. Right now I have no exact clue but I suggest
 > you try changing the .coff wrapper in arch/ppc/boot of 2.4.20
 > to what it was in 2.4.18 and tell me if that helps.

vmlinux.coff built from 2.4.18, both vanilla and with Olaf's patch in
boots Ok. However, 2.4.18 has the "excessively slow swim3 floppy writes"
problem I mentioned earlier that 2.2.24 doesn't have.

I also tried 2.4.20-ben8 with coffmain.c from 2.4.18 as you suggested,
but it got the same CLAIM error as before. (hack-coff.c was unchanged
and I didn't find anything else coff-related.)


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