4xx users: Big merge party now

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Mar 13 05:28:39 EST 2003

All interested 4xx users, especially board maintainers, here's
what's going on with 4xx now.

I rewrote the core OCP stuff. It's much more like 2.5 (actually,
some changes I did will be pushed to 2.5 as well, like static
indexes). It's documented in the source. I hope it should clean
some of the worst horrors with #ifdef's and previous ocp_dev
confusion (was it a device or a driver ?)

HOWEVER, I only ported ibm405gp.c to the new table format, please
use it as an example to port other CPUs. I also only ported the
EMAC driver to the new core. It's actually a mostly rewritten
driver with working PHY support and other niceties.

Also, please use what I did for EMAC and MAL channel mapping as
an example on how to avoid hard-coding numbers with #ifdef's and
feel free to add some similar 'additions' structures for other
OCP drivers. (In 2.5, the additions might be filled differently
in the future)

The tree is at ppc.bkbits.net/linuxppc-2.4, it's a clone of
Marcelo's linux-2.4, NOT of linuxppc_2_4_devel, the intend is
to push that to marcelo as soon as enough board maintainers will
have tested & fixed the remaining CPU OCP tables and drivers.

I'm of course open to comments :)

Have fun !


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