Giuliano Pochini pochini at
Wed Mar 12 01:21:07 EST 2003

Does xmon work ?  When something oopses I see the xmon prompt, but
I can't type anything - machine completely freezed. SysReq commands
also are disabled and I must hit the hard reset button.
I disabled xmon so oops messages show up on the console and in the
logs, but I have problems with them too. ksymoops spits a lot of
warnings about non-matching addresses, etc. and the function where
the oops occurred is always "may not be reliable". To locate the
bug I put a lot of printk in my driver and - murphy's surprise -
oopses do not have a backtrace anymore, just one unresolvable
address. #:-6
I'm using 2.4.21p4 on a blue G3. I recompiled Kernel, modules, ALSA
to be sure is the right one.


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