Runtime Altivec detection

Magnus Damm damm at
Sat Mar 8 05:54:58 EST 2003

mplayer and ffmpeg does some kind of detection runtime.
I'm playing with it right now actually.

While at it:

I've seen that -maltivec and -mabi=altivec is passed sometimes.
If I want to build a binary that should be able to run on a
G3 without altivec and utilize altivec when present on a G4,
what flags should I use?

/ magnus

On Fri, 7 Mar 2003 10:47:53 -0600
Nathan Ingersoll <ningerso at> wrote:

> I've recently been working on some Altivec optimizations for a library,
> and was looking for a relatively clean way to perform runtime detection.
> I did quite a bit of searching and didn't find any good examples of
> someone doing this, other than using the sysctl call on Mac OS X.
> I decided to whip up a simple test program based on the assumption that
> running Altivec code on a non-Altivec enabled CPU would cause a SIGILL.
> Basically, I setjmp a position before an altivec instruction is
> performed, and catch the SIGILL, then longjmp back into the main program
> >from the signal handler.
> This seems to work pretty well, at least in my simplistic test case. Is
> anyone aware of some long term problems doing this? some possible side
> effects? I've seen other projects catch the SIGILL and exit on it, are
> they not attempting to fix up after because they know something I don't?
> If this is a reasonable approach, I'm hoping to extend it for generic
> feature testing on a variety of processors. I've heard that the process
> state is undefined by POSIX after a SIGILL has occurred, does anyone know
> of a platform where this could be an issue?
> I've posted the code I'm testing at
> If no one points out a serious flaw to the approach, and the idea is useful
> feel free to use the code under the BSD+advertising clause license.
> Any comments or insights?
> Thanks,
> Nathan
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