Patch boot/common/relocate.S to start kernel at 0x000c

Dale Farnsworth dale at
Wed Mar 5 15:40:15 EST 2003

On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 02:21:35AM +0000, Troy Benjegerdes wrote:
> If you can find a SMP system that uses XIP, then let's change it.
> We should only be writing to kernel text on an SMP system that has
> firmware that requires you to jump into the wrapper on both cpus.

I believe it happens on all ppc SMP systems.  It certainly happens
on powermacs which don't use the wrapper for cpu != 0.

> Dale, instead of changing head.s, can you use your own relocate.s for
> your wrapper? Don't you have to mess around with holding the 2nd cpu in
> the wrapper?

Sure, we could add an ifdef to have the wrapper start the kernel at 0xc like
prep/head.S does.  I'd rather use common code where possible though.


P.S.  Note that I'm not proposing any additional writes to low memory.
I'm only proposing that we change the nop at 0x0 to "b .+0xc" .

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