Improved copy_page() function, about 30% speed up for mpc860!

Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at
Wed Mar 5 02:24:55 EST 2003

> Well, I suspect it's luck more than stable. :-)

Maybe :-)

> I suggest you debug the failure cases and determine what is really
> wrong.  We know from past history that the cache instructions on 8xx
> are troublesome and if we avoid them the system is truly stable.  The
> execution of the cache instructions is identical whether you are using
> them on kernel or user pages, the main difference is you are more likely
> to hit TLB refill/update cases when using user space pages, exactly
> one of the problem triggers.  If it's working on kernel pages and not
> user pages, or some other combinations, you are just being lucky.  The
> cache instructions will do the right thing if the mapping is present
> in the TLB (and you don't get a write/update miss) and the page is
> cached.  If you don't have the page cached or you get any TLB exception
> the results are unpredictable and the result varies depending upon
> silicon revision.

hmm, I found this comment in head_8xx.S:
	/* The EA of a data TLB miss is automatically stored in the MD_EPN
	 * register.  The EA of a data TLB error is automatically stored in
	 * the DAR, but not the MD_EPN register.  We must copy the 20 most
	 * significant bits of the EA from the DAR to MD_EPN before we
	 * start walking the page tables.  We also need to copy the CASID
	 * value from the M_CASID register.
	 * Addendum:  The EA of a data TLB error is _supposed_ to be stored
	 * in DAR, but it seems that this doesn't happen in some cases, such
	 * as when the error is due to a dcbi instruction to a page with a
	 * TLB that doesn't have the changed bit set.  In such cases, there
	 * does not appear to be any way  to recover the EA of the error
	 * since it is neither in DAR nor MD_EPN.  As a workaround, the
	 * _PAGE_HWWRITE bit is set for all kernel data pages when the PTEs
	 * are initialized in mapin_ram().  This will avoid the problem,
	 * assuming we only use the dcbi instruction on kernel addresses.

Does this workaround also work for dcbz on kernel addresses?

Also, will the Pinned TLB feature for 860 help here?
It is the DataTLBError exception that is causing(if I have understood
the problem correctly), so if the kernel always has a TLB for kernel
space addresses, dcbz and friends will work correctly for kernel addresses?

> This is something that is difficult to debug and we can't dismiss this
> with a solution of different copy functions.  The clear/copy functions
> for the 8xx should be identical to all other PowerPC cores, and if they
> don't work that way we need to determine why.  At least you have the
> knowledge that these instructions are troublesome.  It took me many months
> to discover this the first time, and perhaps they still misbehave.

Yes I am sure it's very hard to debug and probably over my head :-(
I will try a litte bit more though and see very it takes me.


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