ibook2 will not wake from sleep on 2.4.20-ben7

Ethan Blanton eblanton at cs.ohiou.edu
Sun Mar 2 07:29:16 EST 2003

I have an iBook 2 (PowerBook 4,1) and I rsync'd my kernel to
2.4.20-ben7 last night (I had previously been running 2.4.20-pre7-ben0
with no trouble).  The lid latch does not seem to put the machine to
sleep any more, and when I put it to sleep with the power button,
waking the machine up shuts it off rather than waking it.  I then have
to depress the power button for a few seconds, release it, and press
it briefly in order to power the machine back up.

The machine is not losing its time/etc, merely shutting down.

I'm running pbbuttonsd-0.5.2 in pmud replacement mode.


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