aic7xxx panics

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Mon Jun 30 17:11:24 EST 2003

On Mon, 2003-06-30 at 08:27, Ethan Weinstein wrote:

>    I've posted before about this issue, and I apologize for that, I also
> apologize for posting to the dev list,  but it seems as if this is an
> oddball configuration that nobody seems to use.. everone's using IDE.
> Perhaps this driver is just not updated for the ppc arch, or has endian
> issues? Maybe the entire scsi layer for ppc has problems? I can't say.
> Regardless.. I'd like to see this fixed, this is a long-standing issue.
> I'd even be willing to lend or donate a powerdomain card to someone
> who'd be able to fix the driver for linux-ppc... I use the same card on
> several x86's with no such problems.

As I already told you privately, there's nothing I can do without more
informations on the panic. The panic/Oops log, or whatever is printed
by xmon if you have it enabled would be a good first step. Also, what
kind of machine is it ? Is there any special message displayed by
the driver before it dies ? etc...

Right now, you just say "it doesn't work", not much we can do about it...


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