how to setup PLL1 on 750FX

Terry Greeniaus tgree at
Fri Jun 27 03:33:02 EST 2003

On Thu, 26 Jun 2003, Chris Studholme wrote:

> I know HID1 is 0x92000000 after boot and except for my twiddling of a bit
> to detect the 750FX, it is not changed.  This value is slightly confusing.
> It indicates that PLL0 is in use, and its config is external.  PLL_CFG is
> 18 (decimal) which indicates a multiplier of 9x.  That's fine as my cpu
> speed is 900MHz on a 100MHz bus.  But PLL_RNG appears to be 01 (binary),
> which is labeled as a reserved value in the IBM docs.  What is the purpose
> of PLL_RNG (range bits) anyway?

In our code we use the following:

PLL_RNG			CPU freq
0b10			less than 600 MHz
0b00			between 600 and 750 MHz
0b01			above 750 MHz

I don't recall exactly where I got that last PLL_RNG setting from, it
may have been from an email from an IBM engineer or something.  Last
time I checked it indeed wasn't documented anywhere.

> I'm trying to set PLL1 to 4x using the code:
>   mtspr(HID1,(mfspr(HID1)&~0xFE)|0x44);
> This should set PLL_CFG to a value of 8 (for a multiplier of 4x) and
> PLL_RNG to 10 (binary) which the IBM docs say should be used when the
> frequency is below 600MHz.  Note that I've also tried 00 and 01 as values
> of PLL_RNG and they all fail.  I've tried this both with and without a
> delay afterwards.  My delay is simply:

This code all looks fine to me.  You do need to put in a delay so that
the PLL can stabilize before using it.  We use a 0.5 second delay, which
is probably waaaay overkill.

Also, switching between two half-integer ratios is considered a
programming error, but you don't seem to be doing that and AFAICT this
code should not cause you to hang, especially if you aren't even
switching over to PLL1 yet.


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