Proposal for device-tree walking semantics

Nathan Lynch nathanl at
Wed Jun 25 02:53:42 EST 2003

(Apologies if this doesn't get associated with the original post
correctly, the original post was forwarded to me.)

I've been looking at this issue a bit from the ppc64 side.

 > The get() function is actually more a try_get()
 > (the idea is that a remove in progress would make it fail)

Regarding removal of nodes, how might the removal of files under
/proc/device-tree be handled?  Note that the data pointers associated
with each proc entry refer to struct property's, not device_node's.
Should the struct property's have refcounts too?  Also note that
add_node() in fs/proc/proc_devtree.c creates symbolic links; I haven't
been able to come up with a pleasing solution for removing those.  It
seems to require a manual traversal of the proc_dir_entry's subdir list,
an operation during which the procfs code holds the big kernel lock
(e.g. proc_lookup()).

I agree with renaming device_node to of_node.


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