init does not run on 405GP system

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Wed Jun 11 00:39:06 EST 2003

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> I'm currently porting u-boot and Linux to an IBM 405GP based board. The
> problem is now that init seems not to be running and does not give any
> output. Up to that point where init should make some noise the kernel
> Nevertheless, the kernel runs smoothly. I can ping the machine, I can
> even floodping it with 0% packet loss. Only that there is no userspace
> running.

Do user space program like init really don;t run,  or  is  there  any
chance that you just might see no output?

You can do a couple of things:

* Check your adaptions of the kernel source and your kernel  configu-
  ration is you really have a working serial console port.

* If booting over NFS realy works, you can try to start a (statically
  linked small test program) that does something else but a printf to
  the console. For example, open  a  file  in  /tmp  for  output  and
  frpintf to that file.

* Or  start  your  test  program  with  a  known  system  call  (like
  gettimeofday() or maybe even getuid() etc.) and set a breakpoint at
  the system call handler code inthe kernel.

You wrote "opening the console works" - set a breakpoint, and  verify
that your console driver is really initialized and used.

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