new ATI sleep code freezes

mutex at mutex at
Thu Jul 24 13:24:29 EST 2003

> The permissions don't cause the crash directly, it's the fact that
> the X server has no way of dealing with the sleep without using
> /dev/apm_bios.

I was able to re-create this crash the other day entirely reproduceably.
If I unplug my USB apple mouse while the computer is in between sleeping
and running normally the crash condition i described occurs, namely:

> Usually, when the sleep operation completes, there is a quick
> screen power blank. Then about another 1.5 seconds of the LCD being
> illuminated, with what looks like some random part of video memory
> being displayed, then finally the machine goes to sleep. Occasionally
> I am seeing a freeze during the step where the machine stays on for
> 1.5 seconds and has not quite been put to sleep.

Maybe there's a deadlock somewhere in the USB layer sleep code ? I
haven't tried this with other USB devices, but I plan on doing that as
so on as I get back from OLS.


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