Radeon problems

Calum Selkirk cselkirk at xs4all.nl
Sun Jul 20 02:20:22 EST 2003

* Giuliano Pochini [pochini at shiny.it] [2003-07-19 14:55 +0000]:

these really belong on linuxppc-user, still ..

> Problem #1: Radeonfb sets a video mode that isn't supported by my LCD
> monitor. I have to blindly type "/usr/sbin/fbset -a 1280x1024-60
> -depth 16" at the root console every time (*if* it boots, because I
> make the box crash quite often :( ). Is there a boot option to set the
> right video mode ?

video=radeonfb:1280x854-8 at 60

thats at 8bit but you shouldn't need higher for console.

> Problem #2: I've managed only to use X in fbdev mode at 16bits. No way
> to use the radeon driver.  Any hint ?

no idea about YD, nor the configuration of your kernel, nor your
XF86Config, but 24bit should be possible.



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