G4 mdd help request [solved]

Giuliano Pochini pochini at shiny.it
Sat Jul 19 21:37:22 EST 2003

It wasn't my fault. There is a bad interaction between the G4-MDD and the
Adaptec [23]9160 family. I quote here the relevant part from ask.adaptec.com
because it may be useful to someone else:

System will not boot to a drive attached to an Adaptec SCSI card on
QuickSilver G4s.

This information applies to the following product(s):

PowerDomain 29160, 29160N, 39160 PCI SCSI Card

To work around this issue print out the instructions that are below and
follow them exactly:

1) Reboot, holding down command-option-O-F all at the same time at startup.
This will bring up a white screen starting with "Open Firmware" and ending
with a "0 >" prompt.

2 When the Open Firmware prompt appears, type the following: (Note that the
spaces between quotes are important and the instructions are case sensitive)

setenv fcode-debug? true

3) At the "0 >" prompt type the following and then press the return key


4) Verify the following line exists in the output, generally 4 to 6 lines down

fcode-debug? true false

5) At the "0 >" prompt type the following and then press the return key


6) Once the system is up, select appropriate drive (using Startup Disk in
the Control Panels folder under Mac OS 9 or in Startup Disk in System
Preferences under Mac OS X) and reboot.


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