official patches ceasing at 2.4.18 on

Chuck Meade chuckmeade at
Thu Jul 3 12:26:45 EST 2003

Is there a reason that the ppc patches directory under the ports area has not been updated with patches since

I saw that Geert was offering to create one for 2.4.21, and that
would be great -- just wondering why placing patches out there
on has ceased.

I am creating a local ppc 2.4.21 tree.  I see the following are
the most recent 2.4.21 tags on the BK server:


What is the significance of these three different tags?
What does each represent?

What would be great is for the patches under ports on
to be carried forward/kept up to date.  If that is not going to
be continued, then what is the best way to create the same thing,
i.e. a solid 2.4.21 ppc tree, using what is available via BK?


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