Radeon an 22" Apple Cinema Display

daRonin daronin at digimerc.com
Thu Jan 30 06:29:11 EST 2003


I am trying to get Cinema Display working with my Powerbook G4 (Radeon M6

Running the latest benh kernel (2.4.20-ben4).

Tried the following video options:

video=radeon:1600x1024-8 at 60
video=radeonfb:1600x1024-8 at 60


Pretty much in every of those tries the Cinema display went blank and LCD
display on the laptop went white, after the radeonfb was loaded.

The only way I can get it working is if I skip the video driver altogether
and do


Unfortunately in this case I can only can 8bit colors in my X...

Any ideas how I can get his working?


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