get_pteptr prototype

David Gibson david at
Tue Jan 7 11:57:51 EST 2003

On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 04:59:26PM -0600, Hollis Blanchard wrote:
> Hi, I think the prototype for get_pteptr should be moved to
> asm/pgtable.h . It currently is declared extern in mm/fault.c, and I
> will need it for platforms/ibm405lp_pm.c .
> Please apply to _2_4_devel and -2.5, and probably _2_4 for that matter.

Hrm... what are you actually intending to use get_pteptr() for.  There
are currently only two users, one of which needs to die (in 2.5, at
least).  My experience has been that the concept of get_pteptr() is a
great deal less useful that one would, at first, think.

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