connecting IDE directly to MPC8xx

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Sat Feb 22 02:09:21 EST 2003

Dear Jan,

in message <3E563EA4.7070207 at> you wrote:
> I am using PPCBoot on my board with MPC823E.
> I am lucky and I ported Linux on this board. All


> works well but I don't know, how to configure
> kernel 2_4_3 form ElinOS v2.0 to work with IDE hard disk connected
> directly to MPC823 bus (utilizing PCMCIA bus signals
> in way PPCBoot does it - in PPCBoot my IDE disk works well).
> In kernel 2_4_3 from ElinOS v2.0 I use this options:

These options look OK to me; for another example please see

> But It doesn't work at all. It crashes in do_probe() function,
> when accessing bad memory region. I have mapped all
> PCMCIA regions correctly.
> Is any straightforward way to configure kernel to work with
> this IDE connection ?

Probably the ElinOS kernel does not support this properly.

Feel free to try the kernel from our CVS server which has  been  used
with     such     configurations    in    several    projects.    See

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