vmalloc limits in PPC kernels ?

vinai vroopcha at mcw.edu
Fri Feb 14 07:19:41 EST 2003

Hey Folks,

I've been doing a little work trying to update an in-house custom driver
for x86.  We acquired fairly large chunks of data, and we can't afford
to lose any of it. To do this, we reserve a fairly large chunk of memory
in which the data can be stored, as we can't afford system latencies
when writing to disk.  We were able to this in 2.2 without any problems,
but in 2.4, a new "feature" was introduced to x86 that limited how much
memory one can "vmalloc".  I did a quick check, but didn't find anything
in the ppc asm directory.  Do we have such a limit ?


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