2.4.19 on dual 1gig G4 funny slow down to kernel death experience

Kevin B. Hendricks kevin.hendricks at sympatico.ca
Sat Feb 8 08:29:28 EST 2003


I just experienced the funny slow down until kernel death experience again
that I reported many months ago on my dual 1gig G4 machine (smp with 768
meg of memory)

The dmesg log is full of a long stream of the following

wait_on_irq, CPU 0:
irq:  -1 [0 0]
bh:   0 [0 0]

Everything got slower and slower (I could actually watch the sequence of
events that happen when an icon is clicked!)

And processing would only continue if I hit <enter> for some reason.

I was able to restart the machine after syncing the drive but my restart
ended up with lost interrupt messages and literally hung on the hde
partition check.

I literally had to unplug the machine for awhile and then restart it to

Once rebooted everything is lightning fast again.

Can anyone tell me what this warning/error message really means and how I
might go about tracking this down myself.



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