Mach64-GX using fbdev problem

Brad Sawatzky brad+linuxppc at
Tue Feb 4 06:01:43 EST 2003

Hi all,

If anyone has managed to get this card to work I would appreciate an email
with the relevant ModeLine and/or kernel arguments.  I would like to get
this thing to run in at least 800x600x24.  A configuration for 1024x768x16
would also be nice.

I have gotten to the stage where I can see a mangled X screen (ie. the kind
of thing you see when you are using a bogus mode for the monitor).  I have
tried quite few different (stock) resolution/depth combos as well as
explicitly defining some reasonable looking ModeLines taken from successful
'fbset -x' commands.  The monitor (NEC XV17" CRT) works fine at all of the
refresh rates, geometries and depths under OSX.  (Is there a tool
comparable to 'fbset -i' in OSX?)  I've also tested with my 21" Apple CRT
without success so I don't think the problem is monitor related.

Some relevant info:
  Blue&White G3, kernel 2.4.20-ben1

  XFree86 Version (Debian 4.2.1-5 20030121181741 branden at X Window System
  (protocol Version 11, revision 0, vendor release 6600)
  Release Date: 18 October 2002

>From lspci:
  01:03.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc 210888GX [Mach64 GX] (rev 03)

>From /proc/fb:
  0 ATY Rage128
  1 ATY Mach64

>From 'fbset -fb /dev/fb1 -i' (right after a reboot, X hasn't fired up)
Frame buffer device information:
    Name        : ATY Mach64
    Address     : 0x81800000
    Size        : 1048576
    Type        : PACKED PIXELS
    Visual      : PSEUDOCOLOR
    XPanStep    : 8
    YPanStep    : 1
    YWrapStep   : 0
    LineLength  : 640
    MMIO Address: 0x817ffc00
    MMIO Size   : 1024
    Accelerator : ATI Mach64GX

>From XF86Config
Section "Device"
        Identifier      "Mach64-GX"
        Driver          "fbdev"
        BusID           "PCI:1:3:0"
        Option          "UseFBDev"              "true"
        Option          "fbdev"                 "/dev/fb1"

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