VGA out/External Monitor on ibook 2

Manuj Dhingra manuj_dhingra at
Mon Feb 3 08:35:41 EST 2003

Dear Owen,

I sent the dumps (directly to you) is a seperate mail.

When originally searching for a solution, I had found suggestions as to
connecting the VGA out to scope. Recently I did that and found that hsync
and vsync frequencies are as they should be (match with the fbset output).

However, the relative phase seems to be oscillating.

I was also wondering if "mirroring" has worked with the newer ibooks, i.e.
ones with the radeon chip.


On Jan 20, 2003  13:22 Monday Owen Stampflee wrote:
> > case 1: Monitor connected at boot up
> > The external monitor is fine at depth 8, resolution 1024x768-8 at 60Hz.
> > Changing the depth (text mode) with fbset makes the font look like the
> > wrong depth. It feels like font depth has changed but not the display
> > depth. The internal-LCD display stays just fine.
> Starting X will screw up the secondary display in this scenario too.
> > Has this been solved? If not, how can I help?

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