[PATCH] Fix byte-swapped ethernet addr for Asante Fast 10/100 PCI Adapter

Michael Schmitz schmitz at zirkon.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de
Wed Dec 24 01:32:27 EST 2003

> > > The card does show up in "lspci" and /proc/pci (obviously).  Would
> > > checking for the PCI vendor/device and subvendor/subdevice be
> > > equivalent to checking for the OF name property?
> >
> > I'm not sure - the card having an OF driver might mean it's a Mac card,
> > needing byte swapping, whereas a card with no OF driver would be a PC
> > card, needing no byte swap. Or vice versa. Asante probably never built PC
> > specific ethernet cards so the PCI vendor/device property could be used
> > instead of OF data. OF data is just easier to get at :-)
> Really? I'd say it's easier to look at the struct pci_dev the Tulip driver

Easier (if you deal with PCI all the time) but what if they also made
non-Mac cards that behave different there? Seeing the OF data just makes
it clearer that we've got the Mac card here.

> already looks at. Besides, someone may want to try that card in a non-PowerMac,
> while still having the correct MAC address.

So we need both detection methods. Since Dave's card didn't seem to have
OF resources, PCI might be the only way here.


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