Would setting the CONFIG_RTC option break the powerpc kernel on your machine ?

Mark Guertin mguertin at macdiscussion.com
Tue Dec 23 04:02:43 EST 2003

On 22-Dec-03, at 11:48 AM, Sven Luther wrote:

>> Does it really have OpenFirmware?
> Yeah, and i even have the source of it (not free software though). OF
> coding is a nightmare though.

It's not really OpenFirmware ... it's SmartFirmware is it not?  it's
sort of an open firmware/openboot derivative...

Slightly OT, but Sven, is there access to /dev/nvram available yet on
pegasos?  I've still got a forth bootloader menu somewhere here that I
made for the pegasos, which I've never been able to load (without
massive typing at SF prompt)...but my pegasos is non functional so I
may find it this week and email the file to you to fight with :)


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